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Our founder, Bruce Polley has been involved in this industry for three generations. In the 1940's his grandfather owned a manufacturing company that made sandblasting and dust collection systems. In 1980 his father opened a distribution company selling and servicing blast cleaning and dust collection systems where Bruce worked with his father, brother, and mother. In 1990 Bruce established Blast Cleaning Services in Sherwood Oregon to sell and service blast cleaning and dust collection systems. By 1998, the dust collection side of the business had grown to the point that the decision was made to give it its own name. Air-Tek Northwest was established as a D.B.A. of Blast Cleaning Services Inc. in 1998.

In the past ten years we have installed hundreds of systems in a wide variety of applications from very small systems on wheels to huge installations. We have developed a reputation for:
"Doing it right, Doing it safely, and Doing it on time."

Our systems commonly include:

Collection Machinery
Hoods and Ducting
Fire Detection and Supression Systems
High Efficiency Blowers
Storage Solutions (chip bins etc)
System Monitoring and Balancing Devices
Electrical Control Panels
Return Air Systems

We have chosen the title "Home of the Performance Guarantee" for a good reason, if you are a reputable company, you're going to guarantee your work anyway, so why not say it up front? The other observation we made was that up to half of the systems we install are replacing ones that didn't work. Many of the companies that sold them would not back them up. So, we want to tell people right up front, we are the "Home of the Performance Guarantee!!"

We have developed experience in system design and installation work "from hood to blower." We commonly erect machinery (with cranes) remove existing machinery, do site work (concrete), provide state of the art electrical control panels, duct systems that meet UBC and SMACNA standards, provide start-up, system balancing and include operator safety training.

We have hundreds of installations around the Northwest and are proud of the special challenges we have met. We encourage you to check our references.

E-MAIL: blastcleaning@airteknw.com