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We sell new and used pulse-jet bag-houses by Donaldson Torit/LMC-West of Riverbank California and others. We can provide leak detection, repairs, re-bagging, shaker mechanism repair and other services. We can re-engineer your system and re-apply a bag house that you may have. Please call for details.


The Torit/LMC - FTD series of top door pulse jet filter is the first choice of larger operations.The top door service of filter media allows complete maintenance to be performed from the exterior of the filter. Applications include, saw dust, agricultural products, chemicals, cement and rock crushing.
LMC Baghouse collector
The Torit/LMC - FSD series of pulse jet filters are an economical and popular choice. The filter media is cleaned by short pulses of compressed air. Applications include wood chip and sawdust, agricultural products, chemicals, cement and rock crushing.

LMC Baghouse
Torit/LMC - LP Series of walk-in filters is the premium choice for processing and manufacturing applications requiring dust and emissions control. This style of filter system is excellent for areas with inclement weather or around the clock operation. Applications include, food processing, wood dust, agricultural, energy, and the plastic industry.


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Some of our installations

LMC Baghouse installed at Wood Castle Fine Furniture

Wood Castle,
Corvalais, OR
"Energy saving Equipment"
The main focus of ther project was to design a heavy duty, energy efficient system that would provide the customer with the added capacity that their growing company required. The customer was applying for energy efficiency rebates from the sate and their utility. The customer required minimal disruption in their production. The existing chip bim with cyclone was used to store all of the collected dust.

Their existing push in cyclone with baghouse type after filter was using a 50 hp main fan, a 30 hp material hndling fan (to the chip bin) and
a 3 hp booster to run the plant at an ait volume of 11,000 cfm. With that, zones had to be gated and shifted to operate. There had been some problems with blockages in the airlocks.

The system designed by AIR-TEK NW used a single 60 hp high efficiency airfoil type blower on the clean air side of a modern pulse jet baghouse to provide 16,000 cfm. The fan blowing up to the cyclone by the main blower.

The model FTP-144-10 pulse jet baghouse, airlocks, high efficiency blower, silencer and some special components were designed and built by LMC West of Riverbank, CA. This baghouse provides 2,400 spuare feet of filter for an air to cloth ratio of 6.67/1. It also features a
"walk-in-plenum" for easy inspection and service of the filters in any weather.

Much of the existing ductwork was left in place. Only areas where the line needed to be increased for the added air volume was replaced. New 24" diameter airlocks were used on the gaghouse discharge and the cylclone on the chip bin to eliminate blockages.

The project was began on Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2001, and was running by Sunday evening. The following week the old
cyclone was removed.

The total project cost $88,707. Rebates and incentives covered 38% to reduce Woodcastle's bill to $33,282.00. The rebate was based on cfm/kwh efficiency. The system proposed by AIR-TEK Northwest was at least 18% more efficient than the next closest vendor resulting in a higher rebate to the customer. Estimated yearly energy savings are $8,059 even with the increased volume.

Baghouse installed at Esco

Esco Corporation
Portland, OR
100,000 cfm dust and smoke collection system up and running. Want to see it for
yourself. Please call to arrange a tour.
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